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Life is in the Ugly

In our desire to grow, and even become more attractive, we easily fall for the enticing assumption that it’s to be achieved by highlighting what seems appealing about ourselves. In fact though Teshuva teaches us that in the parts which we bury and hide is where the power for growth and life exists.

Our Restraining for Creating

It’s been two months since we last published a podcast. Though we had a number of episodes prepared for publishing we took an impromptu break as we experienced a personal and professional recalibration. In this conversation we discuss it.

Mission ME: Unconventional Tikkun Olam

Judaism is indeed about the mission of Tikkun Olam – and viewing it otherwise comes with consequences – only the Olam is not the conventional one.  

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This podcast series was sponsored by Dana ‘14 and Tzvi Simpson.
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TO Buy In or NOT to Buy In, to Judaism?

For adults, adapting Judaism needs to be an informed choice, otherwise the consequences are dire. We explore the reasons to buy in or not to buy in. Current efforts on the part of Judaism’s marketers (i.e. educational and outreach institutions) to make it more appealing are futile. We conclude with offering a new language and paradigm to view Judaism.

Is It A Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid begins with an expansive area that peaks at the top in a narrow space. Is Chabad similarly structured with the bottom being open to all, but as one reaches higher it becomes narrower and more exclusive? Listen as we create a new paradigm in understanding our structure and objective.