The SynaGym – Synagogue & Gym; Prayer in a new perspective

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Often, for both the frequent and infrequent visitors to the synagogue, it feels more like entering a classroom where you’re expected to follow the instructions of the Prayer Book and Rabbi, than a place of spiritual connection to the Divine.

Listen to a new language that transforms the experience from a classroom to a playground. Have fun!

Commitment; the Power and the Pain

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To renew is to be excited about life and ultimately to grow.

A prerequisite though is commitment. With its combined power and pain it provides us the ability to bring our whole self forward in ways otherwise not possible.

We share our reflections and personal experience on commitment and its impact.

Mission ME: Unconventional Tikkun Olam

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Judaism is indeed about the mission of Tikkun Olam – and viewing it otherwise comes with consequences – only the Olam is not the conventional one.  

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