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A Debate on Pay-to-Pray (actually study)

Rabbi Beryl Gershenfeld is a pioneer in Jewish college student engagement who introduced a new, yet old method, to engage college students in Jewish learning. Namely, to pay them.

His success has spawned other organizations, including Chabad, to imitate it.

We disagree with this approach and in this episode the issue is debated.

Chabad Rabbis #MeToo

A month ago Rabbi Avremi Zippel son of the Chabad Rabbi in Salt Lake City, Utah, and today himself a young Chabad Rabbi there, publicly shared how he was sexually abused from the age of 8 to 18.

His story, published in Utah’s Desert News created tremendous waves, and I am personally moved to speak with him in our latest podcast.

Our conversation explores deeper nuances of what he experienced and its aftermath. 

– Shame is a severe, if not worse, than the abuse itself.
The change I want to effect.
– The intersection between Judaism and sexual abuse.

Read Rabbi Zippel’s detailed story as published in Utah’s Desert News here.