Conversation Creator – Tell Me More

In this episode, we share three simple words that can make any conversation deeper, more thoughtful, and more productive: Tell Me More.

When you invite someone to “tell me more,” you’re inviting them to look within themselves and open up another layer to the conversation. The listener’s role becomes less about offering advice or solutions to a problem but supporting the other’s own exploration.

Not only does this help the one sharing their feelings, but it also strengthens the relationship between the two in conversation.

What’s Preventing Conversations?

What prevents someone from having a conversation? Often people want easy life fixes; they turn to self-help books or TED Talks or lectures telling them how to solve their problems. This keeps someone from looking inside themselves, considering their reality, and engaging with it alongside another person. In this podcast, we discuss these conversation preventers. Instead of turning to others for fixes, we encourage the practice of conversation.

What’s Compelling Us?

Chanie and Peretz continue the conversation about approaching Judaism and life from a healthy, wholesome perspective. Chanie shares what has driven her to speak on this topic – her upbringing in a community that often demanded her identity be completely centered around Jewish expectations, as well as her current roles as a mother, a wife, and a mentor. Both also share how their approach to engaging students and adults with Judaism has evolved to allow a broader discussion not based on Jewish text alone, but around one’s personal experience and one’s whole, authentic self.

Navigating the Intersection of Life and Judaism

In this episode, Chanie and Peretz frame an ongoing conversation about what it means to consider the interplay of life and Judaism. They suggest that for many, the demands of life can take priority, relegating Judaism to the backseat. The opposite also occurs – Judaism is the only way one knows how to approach the world, which can prevent them from taking an honest look at the dynamics in their lives and their relationships. With these possibilities, how can one live Jewishly, so to speak, through their own lens?  Chanie and Peretz suggest the best way of thinking about this question is through conversation that allows for deep and honest thinking about the role Judaism plays in our lives, and vice versa. 

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Raw Intimacy in the Bedroom

The raw intimacy between a committed couple nurtures their overall relationship and also reflects it, for better or worse.

In this episode we reflect on conversations we had with committed couples exploring this critical yet often insufficiently discussed topic. A video recording of this conversation can be viewed at

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