Our Values

Clarity, courage, and humility are three critical character traits that need to be nurtured and developed.


It is imperative to engage with diverse perspectives and stories especially if they are challenging, while remaining clear of one’s own standards.


There is no need to convince others of the validity of one's own perspective.


Our Story

In 2001 we settled in Waltham, Massachusetts and established the Chabad House at Brandeis University. 

Continuously self-reflective while nurturing that in our students too and seeking to go outside our comfort zone, the Chabad House has become a vibrant, energetic and an avant-garde center of Jewish life at Brandeis.

During this time we've engaged in conversations with a very broad and diverse range of individuals. They have intrigued, taught, challenged us, and now inspired us to share them with the world.

Our Goal

People, especially young people, live in compartmentalized and personal echo chambers which are comfortable yet prevent critical growth.

While studying texts is important, of equal significance yet often overlooked, is learning from life. This is Torat Chaim - The Torah of Life. Listening to stories and ideas that push boundaries, engage with tension, and rise above personal comfort zones.

These conversations, and their followups, will hopefully spawn personal growth that is based on authenticity, wisdom, and hard work.

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