Authentic & Candid

A New Conversation with Chanie & Peretz engages in authentic conversations on a variety of topics which in turn empower listeners, especially students and young adults, to think critically and thoughtfully, and grow to become better people.

All podcasts are done in person to ensure that they are nuanced and authentic, and hosted by either Chanie or Peretz.

Every podcast will be accompanied by an essay to highlight some of its points or to delve deeper into it. Some will be followed by a conversation with a group of Brandeis students and posted here.

The podcasts are divided into three groups, Lives, Leaders, and Conversations with Chanie & Peretz.


Will focus on conversations with individuals who've gone beyond their comfort zone and are willing to discuss it.

Not wanting to draw attention to themselves and to ensure the highest level of authenticity, they can choose to be anonymous.


Will focus on conversations with individuals who are leaders in a particular field and want impact it meaningfully.

This includes authors, philanthropists, educators, and non-profit leaders.


C & P

Periodically, conversations between Chanie and Peretz will be featured so that listeners can enjoy their perspectives and thoughts on a range of topics.

Topics will range from current events, books they are reading, or reflections on life in general.


Latest Episodes

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EP 6: From Dogma to Doing Good; A Young Man’s Spiritual Journey

Guest: Noah Rabinsky ’06, Principal of Summerfield Capital Management Host: Peretz Summary: – What’s the need for Judaism when doing good? – Why aren’t most people spiritual and givers? – Everyone should be a philanthropist.

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P5 P2: Reimagining a Chabad House; A Candid Conversation with Chanie and Peretz

Guest: Chanie and Peretz Chein Host: Yael Asen ’08 Summary: – Paying students to Torah is akin to the oldest profession. – Making a critical pivot requires courage and humility. – What is the objective behind our podcasts.

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Latest Essays

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Each podcast is accompanied with an essay highlighting some of its points to further develop the conversation.

EP 6: Kosher v. Doing Good


Place eating an exclusively kosher diet – no buttered lamb for instance- alongside giving one’s resources – fiscal or talent – towards a worthwhile cause. Then ask, “What measurable impact and value does each, observing kosher and doing good, have on the world?” Young people are asking this question and concluding that a kosher diet,…

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EP 5: Reclaiming our Chabad Authenticity


Neither publicly, nor for that matter privately, have I ever shared this; after fifteen years of leading the Chabad House at Brandeis I was burnt out and ready to seek an alternative. Chanie, my wife, also shared some of these feelings. This was in the Spring of 2017, concluding our sixteenth year, though it developed…

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Live Conversations

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To bring these podcasts to life we discuss some of them with students at Brandeis University in an open and engaging forum. The conversations are  held when school is in session. They are streamed on Facebook Live, then posted

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About us and our conversations

Through our leadership of the Chabad House at Brandeis University we have been engaging in nuanced and authentic conversations with a broad and diverse group of people.

Now we are highlighting these trademark conversations with the public so that its impact can expand beyond Waltham, MA.