Authentic & Candid

A New Conversation with Chanie & Peretz engages in authentic conversations on a variety of topics which in turn empower listeners, especially students and young adults, to think critically and thoughtfully, and grow to become better people.

All podcasts are done in person to ensure that they are nuanced and authentic, and hosted by either Chanie or Peretz.

Every podcast will be accompanied by an essay to highlight some of its points or to delve deeper into it. Some will be followed by a conversation with a group of Brandeis students and posted here.

The podcasts are divided into three groups, Lives, Leaders, and Conversations with Chanie & Peretz.


Will focus on conversations with individuals who've gone beyond their comfort zone and are willing to discuss it.

Not wanting to draw attention to themselves and to ensure the highest level of authenticity, they can choose to be anonymous.


Will focus on conversations with individuals who are leaders in a particular field and want impact it meaningfully.

This includes authors, philanthropists, educators, and non-profit leaders.


C & P

Periodically, conversations between Chanie and Peretz will be featured so that listeners can enjoy their perspectives and thoughts on a range of topics.

Topics will range from current events, books they are reading, or reflections on life in general.


Latest Episodes

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Moving Forward – Reflecting on 21 Years

June 1, 2022

Over the past 14 months, since we published our last podcast, we have been hard at work developing, applying, and teaching the pedagogy and skills of self-reflection and growth through language and finding voice.This will be the last episode of a New Conversation with Chanie and Peretz. Moving forward our podcast will be called The…

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3 Steps to a Conversation

March 8, 2021

Grab a drink of your choice and join us in the Chein living room! In this episode you will hear exactly what a conversation using the three steps of ‘let-it-land’, ‘tell- me-more’, and ‘name the thing’ can sound like. Through a real conversation about concerns surrounding the upcoming Passover holiday, we move away from the…

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Latest Essays

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Each podcast is accompanied with an essay highlighting some of its points to further develop the conversation.

Transcript: Conversation Creator – Name the Thing

By Peretz Chein | March 1, 2021

Listen to the conversation here. Peretz: Welcome to a new conversation with Chanie and Peretz. Today we’re going to continue on the series that we began three episodes ago about conversation and discuss a third part of what it is that creates a conversation. And that is to name the thing. The first two were…

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Transcript: Conversation Creator – Tell Me More

By Peretz Chein | February 22, 2021

Listen to the episode here. Chanie: (Glass clinks) L’chaim to a new conversation with Chanie and Peretz. The last two podcasts we shared about the hesitation that many people have towards having conversations, the preference to either consume something that is ready and tasty and pre-packaged and the desire to give something like that. And…

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Live Conversations

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To bring these podcasts to life we discuss some of them with students at Brandeis University in an open and engaging forum. The conversations are  held when school is in session. They are streamed on Facebook Live, then posted

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About us and our conversations

Through our leadership of the Chabad House at Brandeis University we have been engaging in nuanced and authentic conversations with a broad and diverse group of people.

Now we are highlighting these trademark conversations with the public so that its impact can expand beyond Waltham, MA.